With Ad Week coming to a close in New York and after following various blogs, Twitter updates, Facebook posts, professor’s raves, and even regular old print media I have come to one conclusion: Advertising is probably the most creative thing on Earth.

One of my professors, Deb Morrison (find her blog here) who released her book at Ad Week called The Creative Process Illustrated, brought to my attention that everything in the advertising world is shifting  – but this ins’t a bad thing. Advertising is one of the career fields that is always trying to better itself. People are rewarded for their creativity and reinvention, not keeping with the same ideas but building new ones.

A new trend that has caused quite a creative motion in the advertising world is the shift from traditional television watching. Now in my house, keep the poor college mentality in mind, we have a square, anything but flat television that is about 20″. This machine is basically only used for movies and watching Glee. Every other television show that my roommates or I watch is on our laptops. Why waste time with waiting for your show if you can just find it online with or without commercials? This sentiment is a new wave of all people in my generation, they just want something entertaining and they want it now.

How do advertisers counteract this? YouTube is a new platform for video ads, and agencies are making use of the new internet medium. Make ads specifically tailored towards YouTube, so that people seek out your advertisements and actually do the marketing for you. Finding interesting videos online is a great past time for anyone procrastinating (specifically homework). Plus, once they have found it, the said procrastinator will procrastinate even more by going on Facebook and posting the interesting video, thus sharing the content with everyone of their virtual friends. Yea for that thing called the internet!

Until next time, here is the best YouTube interactive ad I have ever seen.

A Tipp-Ex Interactive Advertisement, find it here.

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