In this gripping video by Will Hoffman & Daniel Mercandante, words are used in a completely different way. I didn’t notice the connection between the words said in the video to the images shown on the screen until about half way through. Then I noticed all of the adaptions of what the images on the screen were called, like fly, pant fly, teacher yelling at kids “that won’t fly”, piano falling and obviously not flying, parachuter falling, various people falling, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial”, waterfall, falling in love, trees brown from Fall, etc.

As I writer, I am usually much more attracted to anything with the writen word.  I love reading beautifully crafted sentences, but this video caught me off guard. I was amazed, wowed, and thorughly enjoyed the use of images for words and found this poeticly brillent, if such a things is possible.

Because of the lack of words in this video, I’m keeping this post short, but only relatively speaking. The impact behind this video is much stronger than millions of words blogged here.

Learn more about Will Hoffman and watch more of his wonderful cinematoraphy at his website.