Don’t you just love it when numbers repeat? If you are a 1 and a 0 fan, today then would be your lucky day. There has been some hype about this approaching date, but it seems like everyone, especially in the Twitter world, picked up on the special occassion.

Both BBH and 72andSunny tweeted the same video earlier today. They too were on the 10 vibe, so naturally they linked to Charles & Ray Eames‘ 1968 IBM commercial entitled (naturally): “Power of 10.”

View the little gem below, but I will tell you ahead of time, it does get a bit dizzying.

The trippy music enthralls the viewer the entire time, I was completely captivated. The concept is so wonderful and creative, who knew that a picnic in Chicago could lead to intergalactic star gazing. But probably my favorite part of the video would be the great commentary. The man’s smooth voice is soothing and gives you the weird sense of being told something extremely complicated yet his tone makes it sound like he is just talking about pies.

In honor of everything binary, here’s to a wonderfully innovative commercial that let’s face it, is totally worth all 9 minutes.

Wait, I wonder why they did make it 10 then?