It can be said again and again, in this job market and economy, you really must stand out. Advertising is all about being bold, pushing boundries, thinking out of the box, and being creative. Now that I have those cliches out of the way, I think advertising also has another factor to it. Weirdness. Deb Morrison mentioned this in class last week and I couldn’t agree more with her. Weird is what get’s Ad kids into the game because, let’s face it, weirdness is intrigueing.

Now how do you incompasss all of the cliches listed above and the weirdness factor together? Make an awesome job application video. I must give props to Graeme Anthony for definitely getting attention. I actually found this video via Twitter on a website called We Are Social. Sadly, the site didn’t have any openings for Graeme, but the video was so great that they posted it themselves, basically doing the job hunt for Graeme. I guess that means if you are weird and creative enough, people will want to share your work (even if it’s just a job application video) and circulation gets you recognition, which gets you a job.

Watch Graeme get whacky below.

Remember, weird is wonderful. One last cliche for road, sorry.