Personally I love when I get the change to learn in all sorts of different areas, like when classes or work, somehow mix together. One of my 3 journalism classes I am taking this term is all about research methods. One day during my small class, which is stuffed into a claustrophobic and very ill-ventilated room, we were to discuss target audiences and research advertisers performed to decide how to create commercials.

For the assignment, I wanted to find something different, something I had never seen before. This prompted my quick Google search of “interesting advertisements” and that is how I found this intriguing video for Ikea.

After watching the video, I came to the conclusion that the target audience were young, hip people who are just rich enough to afford not second hand furniture, but not the most expense stuff you’ve ever seen. The target audience found that it was time to get to the nitty gritty and appreciated the fact that a) they can save precious money by putting furnishings together yourself and b) fancy names like SMÅDAL and ORGEL VRETEN make their furniture have a distinct “European” feel, which everyone knows is obviously superior to the Goodwill feel of stained cushions and cat scratches (the current condition of the couch on which i am typing this in my house).

This is a great advertisement for Ikea’s target audience, with the quirky, electro-beat feel, definitely not something my parents would watch. Yet, why is it that this commercial target’s the younger generation when, at least at the Ikea in Portland, I see all sorts of people touring the giant aisles? Does this mean that Ikea has gotten their research wrong? Or is it that in the rest of the United States, Ikea doesn’t have as large older than Generation Y customers? Perhaps, since Ikea is an international company, that they believe this advertisement is globally appreciated. The video is of just two people dancing, no words are spoken, and the only the words shown during the 5 min commercial is the tag line at the end, which could be easily translated to fit all of Ikea’s markets. Interesting how the global advertising industry works.

Now, all I want to do is go take a robot dancing class and buy some Swedish fish, or perhaps and could go do both together.