What does this mean? Now I’m not the most political person, but this shows my roundness I guess.

I find the fact that so many people give me the thizz face when I tell them that I am an Advertising major to be completely represented in Anderson Cooper’s tweet. Advertising is too much connect to dishonesty. To this people advertising = evil. Why is that that such a creative, innovative, collaborative field can be shrunk down to an evil, consumer, lying, hypnotizing cluster of wrong doers?

People too often take the “advertising is all about consumerism” road, and finds my future career as something a) un-environmentally friendly b) sublimenally forcing people compulsively buy or c) straight up lying and tricking people. People say all of these things, but really don’t understand that everything needs promotion. Without advertising, consumers wouldn’t know about TerraCycle, the completely recycled and sustainable company that makes plant fertilizer from table scraps and worms. Nor would people know about other non-profits or other companies that do GOOD things. Everyone buys things, every day. Advertising is just another creative outlet that those companies use to get your attention.

How many people thoroughly enjoy advertisements? Not many, but there are loads of commercials, print ads, or other brand strategies that make me inspired and give me a great laugh. I view every ad as a work of art. Each has it’s own strategy and creativity that was perfectly crafted. So much work goes into a great commercial, along with planning, the account side, and especially the overall brand appearance.

Although, what Cooper is addressing here definitely crosses the line ethically both for advertisers and politicians, but the key is not to clump this wrong doing with everyone in the industry.Watch this feature and Cooper’s great journalistic skills here or read the transcripts here.

As for Anderson and those steamy blue eyes, you can interrogate me anytime.