A term like “unspecial” might spark debate between many, because what have we been taught since grade school? We are each individuals, we are all different, we are only ourselves and the only ones like us in the world. So how dare someone call us unspecial! But let’s examine this argument a little closer. On Adliterate, blog by brand planner Giles Davis, the term unspecial is supported by the fact that everyone acts in herds. Davis underlines that fact that marketeers who believe we can peel off people into groups are wrong since all “individuals” are the same “and the truth unites us rather than divides us.” Just look at food, Davis says. Cultures differ in tastes, but everybody gots to eat. That’s why Davis says, “People are Unspecial, and so are you.”

Davis quickly uses this idea of unspecial for planning, and shows that actually taking a look at yourself makes a better planner. This is called Unspecial Planning and just requires planners to look at their own interests, views, and ideals to truely pin point what a brand might need to do to target such unspecial audiences. Instead of looking at many different groups and gathering information of different groups, look inward at the planner he/rself. Figure out why you personally do the things you do, which Davis admits might be difficult. Yet this is the key to perfecting the planner and prepping the creative.

Another highlight from Davis is that if you actually conduct research and find that you as the planner are actually pretty special, quite that strategy right there. If you are special, individual, one and only then why would anyone else like that strategy? Probably no one else would, ending in an epic fail. On the other hand, if you find that you are a person within a herd, joining a crowd, or not special in any way …this is good. As Davis puts it, “if you happen to be a deeply unspecial human being then you may just have hit pay dirt.”

Now everyone go plan and celebrate the unspecial in you, just like everyone else.