In the age of Globalization, is it better for ads to be global? To the agency, it might mean creating less content and just pumping one globally understood ad every where. To the client it means shelling out less money for such ads. Lastly, to the viewer, it occassionally means realizing that a advertisement might be targeted toward someone else.

There are definitely some problems proposing one standard commercial for several different countries.

1) Something might be misinturptited within the commercial.

2) Cultures vary, what might be acceptable in one might not be in another.

3) Appealing to each culture individual may become difficult through choice of actors, clothes, props, etc.

Yet, there are times when advertisers just get it right. Take this Heineken commercial below done by StrawberryFrog.

With no words spoken throughout the commercial, you have the distinct sense that each item placed on the grocery checkout line can be understood in any language. Heineken is especially smart to use such tactics since they are global beer brand, so making this once commercial and perhaps just changing the words at the end to respective languages would certainly work. StrawberryFrog is another great agency that has the global commercial and brand in mind when making commercials, perhaps that why this ad is so great.

This just works in every language. Why then does not every agency attempt to do global advertisements? I wonder if it’s because of the three problems listed above or it is difficult to find a client that spans globally. Besides the big wigs like McDonalds, Coke, Pepsi, Microsoft, Toyota, and such, can small global brands make a standard commercial or is it wise to individualize each target area in each country?

Another universally understood commercial was done by Coke, but I think they have broken the rule of understanding every demographic, because I just find this video “c” to the capital CREEPY!