JetBlue released some ads recently, like yesterday, and wow they are great. Mullen is the agency behind this engenius creative. Besides being a wonderful and captivating series of YouTube video, today let’s talk strategy. Recently, our class Skype’d in Ashly Stewart, a UO Allumn who is now working as a strategist for StrawberryFrog Amsterdam. It was interesting to see a different side of creative process, since prior I just thought creatives got together and were creative. Ashly pointed out how in order to really inspire creatives, planners must work their magic with strategy.

This idea of planning creatively really struck me. I thought I had just wanted to be a writer, nothing more in an agency pumping out one liners and narratives that would make my life pretty content. Yet now, I realize my organized (borderline anal) behavior could really be used in the planning side, which is were all of the fun is. Just look back at the JetBlue commercials. Mullen’s strategy was to compare other airlines customer service in the air and treat customer’s the same on the ground. Then there’s the lovely little whistle at the end of each YouTube video makes the viewer realize how ridiculous airline’s services are. The whistle cues in the tag-line: “If you wouldn’t take it on the ground, don’t take it in the air.” I found this to be perfect, spot on, and just wonderfully creative.

These wonderful videos were sparked by planners obviously finding a problem within an industry, and showing how JetBlue as the client was different. Planner’s prep the creatives and provide them with all of the information gathered on the industry, making a creative process easier. I envy the people who just look at a problem, and find the simplest way to compare something. These videos really do make you look back at all of the time you have been on a flight where you don’t get a full can of soda, have NO leg room, have packed everything into a carry-on to avoid being charged for checked luggage, and have had to endure long layovers since there were no non-stop flights to your destination.

Planner’s are the people who get the ball rolling on accounts, which is why if they are creative, the outcome will be creative. Great job everyone at Mullen and enjoy the JetBlue videos below.

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