How much thought do you put into your favorite color? Personally, I block out colors that I don’t look good in as something that could NEVER be my favorite. I also lean toward sterotypically girly colors, since I am a big fan of lavendar, but green still pulls at my heart stings since I am from, you know, Oregon. How much effort is put into a company’s logo? Is the CEO incharge of the colorpallett? Or is the all mighty branding agency that explains why yellow is a bad choice?

Flavorpill, which describes itself as a “culture guide” posted a fun infographic which catalogued all of the internet’s colors. On this fun-o-wheel, Flavorpill explained how many most blogging sights favor a orange/yellow tinge compared to the social networks being clumped in the blue/green sector. Meanwhile, purple is left all alone, several lacking in the logo race for popularity. Wonder why the color of royalty is so unpopular?

According to Color Wheel, not only does purple symbolize royalty, the dark plum colors can cause depression and sad feelings. That might explain the sever lack of representation in the wheel, since who want s to feel sad while on the internet? Yet references that a brand should use purple in their logo if they want customer’s to think of them as mysterious, nostalgic, sophistication, and spirituality. Most importantly, purple appeals to creatives types!

Even though each color has it’s own meaning, which is especially important when taking branding and advertisitng into consideration, I think the most interesting thing about this wheel is when competitors choose the same color. Like if most bloggers are orange/yellow like Flavorpill, Blogger and the such, wouldn’t you want to make yourself standout? Same with social networks (don’t worry, not THE Social Network). I found it weird that both Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter use blue as the only color in their logo. The first thing we learn in advertising is differentiation, then why are all of the internet big wigs keeping together?

Google is a good example of being different, representing all of the colors from the wheel in their logo. Look, even purple in there too.