As I made my traditional Sunday toast breakfast this morning, I cracked open my King Kelly orange marmalade and dug deep in the jar for nice big chunks of orangey goodness. I spread my knifefull on my pieces of toast and realized that there was writing on the inside of the King Kelly lid. What grabbed my attention is that in big bold, all capitals read: “BAKED BEANS.”

Below this, I read on: “Add King Kelly Orange Marmalade to baked beans for a tangy orange flavor.”

As you can see in the picture, this was done without embellishment or flare. Just. Plain. Black. Type. I found this to a wonderful littler marketing tool, because now, when I make baked beans or have them, I will definitely be thinking about King Kelly orange marmalade.

What a wonderful little Sunday morning epiphany. So smart and simple, this is exactly the type of clean advertising that makes the world go round. Holy shit.