October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means one time or another you have seen a company or team going pink in support. There are many great things that corporations can do to help support research and awareness for the disease that effects 1 in 8 women, but sadly, some corporations have taken this trend have started pinkwashing.

Like greenwashing, where a company claims to be helping the environment, pinkwashing is when companies claim to be helping breast cancer research. Sadly, in both cases, corporations are just joining the popular trend wagon and alluring customers into believing the companies false green or pink claims.

Greenwashing is definitely a major problem on its own, but pinkwashing to me hit closer to home since many corporations that have gone pink are some of the reasons for higher breast cancer cases. Take KFC for instance. Chemicals in their chicken and other foods have actually been linked to breast cancer, yet during October they change their GIANT chicken tubs to pink to support ta-tas research.

Is this ethical? How much do these companies actually donate to causes? I wonder if research companies refuse donations from such companies like KFC where their product is actually one of the causes of the problem? How can we change marketing ploys to stop pinkwashing or any other color washing?

As an advertising major, I am aware that my chosen field of study has many controversial topics and that I am often looked down upon by others since I am marketing objects to people. Yet, if used correctly, I can see how all of the pink could help breast cancer. Although, I know that the pinkwashing is not acceptable and hopefully will be influential in stopping companies from such practices someday.