I grew up in a little nothing village called Oakland, Oregon. With a total of 200 people in the entire high school, our funding wasn’t the highest in the state. There were only two hallways, connecting at the office to make an “L” shaped building with every hall surface area covered in very old lockers. These poor blue lockers suffered from abuse over the years, there were over 25 years old, and didn’t make the inside of our shabby school look all that appealing. But the lockers were not the only problem. Water fountains, bathrooms, library, computers, chairs, desks, everything in that school needed to be updated. I guess these are the drawbacks you get for small country schools.

I wounder if Oakland would ever consider being payed by a company to advertise on the lockers? This could help the ever increasing debut my poor alma mater is suffering and small schools are the first to suffer budget cuts from the state. A school in Wisconsin has already implemented such tactics in their school, while the money is helping in other areas as well. The school in Wisconsin, Centennial, School Superintendent Paul Stremick did admit to The Star Tribune that the decision to place the ads in school did come down the school’s money situation. Luckily, Stremick did state, “Still, we want to keep students’ interests in mind.”

Centennial was only one of several schools in Wisconsin to implement the locker advertising, but the school was sure to explain that this is just a testing period. After a year, the schools and school boards are going to examine the ads to make sure the increase in school budget is not effect student learning.

I find this a really touchy subject for a lot of people since want to keeps schools as a place free of branding, but the use of everyday things like pencils and vending machines already prove that marketing is already present in schools. Where do you stand on the marketing in schools debate? Let me hear a story about what you think your high school should improve and if advertising is an ethical option?