If only there was a list of the top global brands for 2010. Oh wait, there is! In fact, this list produced by Interbrand not only numbers the top brands from 1 to 100, but details the brands movement over the year. Also incorporating several infographics, this list provides so much detailed information on the brands that top the global charts.

I only stumbled across this through another class where I am researching Ikea, who has open 15 new stores seeing a boom in sales and is listed at #28, and was surprised the amount of information packed to tightly on this list. A trend I find astounding on this list is that majority, like mainly and mostly, the brands are from the United States. I wonder if this is a direct correlation to the whole “American: Land of the Free” and “where dreams come true” mantra or more linked to the fact that Americans love their work. I say either or, take your pick.

What is really interesting on this list is how Interbrand even ranked these brands. The website stated that they formed the list through extensive research and “based the rankings on 10 brand strength components.” I found that this ranking has a lot more to do with the economic wealth and growth of a company rather than the growth of the brands, but I guess those two factors should be linked. When does a brand not have economic sucess and growth but is still viewed as a successful brand?

Will the question always be best global brand = highest sales?