Questions? How many questions? What type of questions? When will this happen? How can that be a passion? Just asking questions?

Is it weird to say that I have a passion for asking questions? Now let me set up my whole scenario where I ask these questions. It usually involves groups of people, new people, where awkwardness and silence is likely to ensue. As my mom would say, I have the gift of gab, which means I could talk with anyone. Therefore, when I am in any situation, I ask people questions. From the most basic, like “where do you live?” to the random, like “if you could be a magical creature what would it be?”

It has been my observation that people are usually shy in situations, hesitating to talk or start conversations. To me, this is the easy part. I just ask away. The best way to get to know someone is by asking questions and listening to the person talk about themselves. I am a keen observer of people’s answers, picking up tid bits of their personalities and life, then using these references later in the conversation. Listening is a key part to any situation, and this I can say is a forte of mine.

Asking questions isn’t exactly easily explained as a passion. I don’t want to use something so cliche as labeling myself as a “people person.” I feel that I have a passion for interacting with people and building a comfortable sharing environment. Now try to fit that on a business card. I believe that the best to show my passion is to just approach agencies in a meet and greet situation and just do what I do best, ask them questions. I find it very difficult to even write out my passion, in this blog even, since so much part of my communication and social interaction is talking with people. I am energetic, friendly, enuthusiastic, and love using my hands while talking. I make sound effects to peoples stories, can’t help myself when I have verbal reactions, and my facial expressions I hear are quite entertaining.

To really show my passion, I would just have to employ all of my communicating skills while talking with people. Do you feel that is a passion? Oh and one last thing: where did you get that top?