Happy Post Halloween everyone! I know I am a day late posting this, but I thought it was pertinent. For the first time, I am hearing some backlash on a Target commercial. Growing up, I loved the creative spots where everyday products used to make beautiful designs, all connecting back to that adorable dog. What joy it brought me to look through the product kaleidoscope that Target made with each commercial.

Now, several years later, Target has become under fire by consumers everywhere for their anti-DIY Mom’s Halloween spot. The commercial portrays a do-ti-yourself Mom creating an Iron Man costume for her child who looks extremely disappointed. In the short spot (which you can see below) the Mom’s craftiness docked once again when the homemade costume falls apart. Why down play those Mom’s who work HOURS to create unique costumes instead of mass produce costumes without originality?

I don’t think I bought a pre-made costume until I was in college, where the Halloween rules change of course and my mother wasn’t there to help me create a wonderful masterpiece, but still this was a last resort. I can remember wonderful mermaid, Mini Mouse, Queen Amidala (Star Wars years), Josie and the Pussycats (complete with cardboard guitar), and of course, Marilyn Monroe. I loved spending time with my mother, finding things around the house or helping her (in very small ways) put together my costume. Never was I embarrassed of the result of her love and hard work. Never did I feel ashamed of the homemade costumes. In fact, I felt the opposite.

I was unique, my costume wasn’t pumped out of Wal-Marts, made to fall apart after one night, or awkward or horribly fitting. Why then, oh creative Target, are you targeting all of those moms, just like my own, who work hard for their kids every year. Not only do they put in more effort and creativity than Target did for this commercial, but these Moms really show that the give a shit about the crazy holiday where strangers give their kids candy. Ask any child, and their favorite holiday is Halloween because it is basically another excuse to eat candy.

So, you insensitive bastards at Target, perhaps think about your mom the next time you poo poo DIY. Please try to make mom proud and not feel like a “non-consumer” or “cheap” mother by not getting “pre-made” costumes. She deserves more.