Thursday, November 4th, 2010: MOST INSPIR-FUCKING-ATIONAL DAY

That day will go down in history as such in my books. Not only did I get the very fortunate chance to hear lectures from both Scott Bedbury, mastermind consultant who built up both Nike and Starbucks, and Tracy Wong, creative explosion from crafty Seattle-based ad agency called WongDoody, but I got to have a nice coffee break with Mr. Bedbury himself with only 4 other ad kids.

I was completely awed by both men during both of their one and a half hour presentations. These guys are smart, top-tier intelligent, and so dang creative but most awesomely strategic. Jumping from one talk to another, from noon until 5pm I was in the presence of and soaking up the genius of Bedbury and Wong.

Several posts could be easily dedicated to the things I learned that day, but I am trying to act more as a strategic writer at the moment, so I think the best that I can do is give some quotes from both Bedbury and Wong, respectively.

Scott Bedbury was a nonchalant type of guy, coming to my Creative Strategist class with nothing particularly prepared. No PowerPoint and the man just addressed the entire 70+ class as if we were all siting intimately in coffee shop. Here are some of my favorite and most inspir-fucking-ational quotes from Bedbury:

“Don’t get stuck in one industry somewhere, mix it up.”

“Brands are being defined a million ways everyday.”

“Take ideas from everywhere.”

“Build relationships like crazy.”

“What separates brands is emotion.”

“Everyone thinks they’re a marketing genius.”

“Can’t buy trust, it must build up overtime.”

“I get most of my inspiration from mistakes.”

“Brands evolve or die, get out of your comfort zone.”

“Be forever curious.”

Straight from this little diddy of awesomeness, I trekked over to a talk featuring Tracy Wong. He wowed everyone in the room with his energetic nature and floored us with his meaningful advice. Most points below are either quotes from Mr. Wong himself or number points from his lecture that is also in the works to become a book:

“1) Ego can hijack your career…Let go!”

“Creativity is like a muscle, the more you work it the more you get.”

“2) A great idea: 99% strategy”

“3) Greatest creative weapon: ears”

“An open mind = a room full of shit, whereas an empty mind = accepts what’s coming in with objectivity.”

“Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.”

“4) Embrace compromise”

“5) Engage in the Democracy of Good Ideas”

“Anything is possible as long as no one cares who gets the credit.”

“6) Love your client like you love your dog.”

“No great work without creative client!”

These men were so helpful, not only to me, but to all of my fellow classmates and advertising peers. I still can’t even cope with the fact that all of this discussion happened in a 5 hour period. Gotta love connections and the power of networking.