Can we really find creativity in everything? As Creative Strategists, find the ordinary and changing it into something captive is our goal. Look at what Mashable has compiled. It’s amazing how some really creative websites have even used their 404 Error pages as a canvas for expression.

I’m a sucker for an onomatopoeia.

Who doesn’t love a little gangster unicorn, even if it’s on an error page?

Appropriate usage of school note book paper, not to mention doodles.

Aesthetically pleasing. Enough said for a zebra clad site in Spanish.

Chuck Norris. Making even 404 Error pages scary.


Is it possible to look at every surface as a canvas? Can “surface” be used even in the digital world? I find marketing attempts that are unique and bold to be the most interesting, so how in the new media age can marketing in on the internet be used in the same way? What will be the new virtual ordinary surface that is turned into an advertiser’s canvas?