What point in time will thinking outside the constrictive idea box ever end? Will creative people forever be creative? Imagine that as a creative you have been given a brief to sell the brand new EZGrill and you attempt to think unconventionally. What pops into your head? Why not grill cellphones, especially the newest fanciest ones like the Android, Windows Phone 7 HTC Surround, and the iPhone4. What a genius cheap, and eye-catching way to grab audiences. The video below captures the race and even has a catchy tune.

Only posted 2 days ago, on November 12th, the video already has 347,964 views! Not to mention a little featurette on Mashable. Banyan Branch, the Seattle-based maker of the video is a self-proclaimed social media agency, which personal sounds like the best agency  for this “new media era.” What is amazing to me more than just the creativeness of the video, but the low-cost of actually producing such an intriguing advertisement. Granted, the entire time I am thinking about the cellphones rather than the grill itself, but without the grill, the wonderful melting of the phones wouldn’t happen.

Also, the little sassy text messages are an added bonus. “How about them apples.”