Just like my title, sometimes commercials are too intense for what they are selling. I find that over the top action spots deter me the most, because why have all of the hubbub for what? A kitty litter? Now, I basically set myself and you up for having an idear about this video, but just watch and see how you feel:

WHY DO YOU NEED SUCH BUILD UP? I found it difficult for me to watch this over 2 and a half-minute video, and very little payoff at the end with the punch line. Granted, I do like the use of the yellow subtitles linking to yellow teeth, but really this video is way to intense for the product. I feel that this isn’t following the brand’s identity and just trying to capitalize on the adventure movie boom of 2003-2008.

What I also find alarming is the fact that the product is barely even visible, except for the tiny menacing close up at the end. Instead of enticing me to buy Trident the next time I buy gum to whiten my teeth, I am deliberately avoiding the brand because of the overly serious commercial.

I know it is difficult to find that perfect mix of seriousness and humor, but this commercial completely missed the mark and overwhelms, yet somehow simultaneously annoys, the viewer. Next time, more homework should be done to see that consumers don’t like linking assassins with their gum choices.