What is important in storytelling? Words, duh. Those little letters, type so perfectly crafting a beautiful sentence. Combined with others, these lovely sentences create paragraphs, pages, books, and overall stories to cherish.

I think something very important about life in general is that “we live in stories.” Edward Boaches said this wonderful quote and Deb Morrison, my professor, went off on a couple of reasons why storytelling is so important. Why are stories important at all, especially in advertising? Because stories share so many things like “ideas, identity, media, unity > message, design, style, and experience,” Deb pointed out today. These things unit all of the happenings in life, that is why we need words.

While perusing my Facebook feed, I noticed that one of my friends posted an intriguing link. Her plea to help save words proceeded the link, directed to the Oxford Dictionary site http://www.savethewords.org, made me realize that the one crucial part of storytelling might be lost.

How many words are shortened, in this digital age of text messaging and IMing? How much terminology will we actually lose over time due to complete lack of usage? I remember those days in middle and high school when teachers would introduce new words every day, encouraging students to incorporate the word in our daily speech. Why even stop expanding your personal dictionary or repertoire (one my personal favorite words) of words? I use plethora probably more than the average person because I have a deep love for vocab.


That is why, I ask you and everyone you know to please help SAVE THE WORDS! At the Oxford Dictionary supported website, you can “adopt” a word (all have an uncommon usage and most I have never heard before) and promise to use the word as must as possible in everyday speech. If everyone did this, these slowly fading words could be saved from word extinction and the speakers would sound so much smarter too!

Please, help continue to build stories and adopt your own word today. I just want the text speech to stop. Brb.