I would definitely call myself an avid reader. I love novels of all types, but my personal collection of works is mainly comprised of John Steinbeck, the Harry Potter series, Mark Twain greats, Oscar Wilde blurbs, and classics like Wind in the Willows and To Kill a Mockingbird. Due to coarse overload, I definitely don’t get to read for enjoyment as much as I used to, say pre-college, but when I do get that half an hour to fully submerge myself into a wonderfully crafted story and a completely different world.

Perhaps my interest in books is what lead me to this “literary remix” on BrainPickings‘ website. The website’s “PICKED” book was by Jonathan Safran Foer and what made the book so intriguing was the fact that the novel is comprised of chunks cut out of Foer’s favorite  The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Shultz. The books looks peculiarly enough, with parts cut out and pages half empty due to the removal of parts. The title of the hodge-podge book is Tree of Codes which is fitting for a cut apart book needing deciphering.

It is such an interesting concept of taking something previously created, taking parts, and completely changing the original work. Tree of Codes is a drastically different story than The Street of Crocodiles, which is what Foer, also the author of Everything is Illuminated, aimed for. Known for his deep and strategic thinking books, Foer has once again proven that story telling isn’t necessarily what is included in a work, but what is left out.