Client’s these days can really be picky choosing agencies. You want one that is smart and strategic, but I feel one of the most important things that clients look for in an agency is their creativity. What better way to show an agencies creativity than through their website! Big Spaceship, based in Brooklyn, NY has a website that expertly displays their creativity with their core motto: “everyone is creative.” This is exactly what the Creative Strategist model is going after and successful agencies are adapting their own ways to use everyone’s creative bone.

Just check out the Big Spaceship Staff Visualizer on their website. Not only do you get to see the staff of the hip agency, but conducted in a very informative and interesting way. This “datavisualization” is perfect for the constantly evolving and digitally becoming world of the advertising industry. My favorite is the ending with all of the heads of people on different staffers.

Remember that every interface is a canvas to show your creativity.