If you ever find it hard to come up with a completely original thought you are not alone. When trying to be “creative” most of my ideas are derived from some form of influence from an artist I like, authors I have read, or even just from being exposed to pop culture all around me. In a very interesting video on PSFK.com, Nina Paley argues that all creative work is derivative.

Showcasing ancient sculptures and the commonality between different times, paired with kitchy music, this video poses a great question: what is creative?

Is it original?

Does the idea need to be completely different from any other?

If something “creative” mimics another, is it even considered “creative”?

These questions and many more came to mind when watching this short film. Constantly we are encouraged to be inspired and to create things, but what some may find as a cop-out others might view as creative. The moral quandary has begun, meanwhile I have undertaken attempting to make my personal website “creative.” Forever the quest for inspiration will focus on creating, where perhaps it should focus on seeking inspiration and dealing with what is created. Probability it was thought of before. The thinkers challenge is to make other’s see it differently.