In the past month my father has joined Facebook, my 56-year-old and 58-year-old uncles followed suit, meanwhile my 59-year-old aunt requested my friendship. Facebook isn’t what it used to be. I find it amazing how far the little “social network” has gone. Joining the “college MySpace” when my sister, as a college freshman, begged me to. What a neat way to keep in touch! Photos could be shared as well as write messages and gain “freinds.”

Now, after having a major motion picture made acout it’s creation, Facebook is still growing. Now if you are not on Facebook you aren’t worth knowing. As my older relatives add me to their meanial list of friends and as I become friends with people who have over 1,000 “friends” I ask myself one question: what is my life like on Facebook?

A video depicting the 20 something’s life on Facebook created by Maxime Luere is a great representation of what life has become for the digital/social network/online people.

I love how this video embodies all that is Facebook, which many in my generation live on. Everything is true, if not an amazing decpiction of excatly what Luere was going for with his title. This video shows “A Life on Facebook.”

Although the title fits for perhaps Maxime’s age group and his first exposure to Facebook, I feel that there should be an earlier depiction of my generation getting a Facebook account in high school. Imagine the extended length of that video or even a video for babies (yes babies, I know 2-year-olds with an account) and how they will literally GROW on Facebook. An entire life encompassed by a virtual, social world. That would be an amazing sequel.