I beg to differ when people say news is dead. Technically, just the whole paper news is printed on is dying. Who wants to buy a piece of flimsy paper when you can view all the news you want online.

A recent infographic posted on the Wall Street Journal website, which is where I viewed the news myself, divvy up the habits on online newspaper readers. Split between cell phones, computers (laptops and desktops), and iPads this graph below portrays the time of day and popularity of each device with online readers.

Amazingly 97% of all online views of newspaper sites come from computers, where sadly cell phone eek out 2% and iPads get a measly <1%. Yet, what I find the most amusing is the fact that iPad usage jumps in the evening where computer and cell phone drastically drop. I guess it makes sense the computers would be the most popular device to use during the day since most people will be at work and just casually browse through the news sites. Smart phones seem to have a steady stream of online usage through the day, not exceeding either computers or iPads at anytime. I wonder if since cell phones are always on people they just receive a steady stream of readers because perhaps in the same parts of their day people are stuck between places and read the newspaper to kill time. Commute to work, waiting for lunch in line, commute home. The smart phone offers a much more accessible news source than larger computers and iPads, yet is it is not the most popular online reading device.

Maybe, with smart phone capabilities, news is not the most important thing for people to look at on their almighty phones. Texting, listening to music, playing games, smart phones offers these time passers and more. Is this why news is dead?