Cigarettes have long had labels warning consumers of the deathly effects, but what if the FDA went a little further? The New York Times featured an article about proposed new images for cigarette fronts that would include an image of a corpse with a toe tag. Would this tactic work. NYT poses the question as to where Americans will draw the line for their purchasing freedom and the government’s right to protect them.

I guess as a strategic I can look at this two ways: 1) this could potential morph into different products that “hurt” consumers or 2) this could kill competitors and highlight good-for-you products.

What would happen if those bag of chips you bought had a warning label on them? Or in menus at restaurants every ingrediant was listed? What would people buy or stop buying? Who’s opinion would it change and after how long would it take for consumers to become numb about these labels?

I personally know several cigarette smokers who no longer even look at the label that basically says “this will KILL you.” They are addicted, just like I am addicted to Diet Pepsi. With/without a label, it would be very hard for me to give up.

Would this stop you?