First off, watch this:

WOW. That was literally the only thing I was thinking when I watched this little info-video.

What else could come to mind when Google comes up with something that is so intelligent and revolutionary for the advertising industry? Really, could you image just seeing, JUST SEEING, something that you liked just take a photograph of it and have Google Goggles recognize it and direct you to that item. What an amazing opportunity for all consumers to have instant gratification. I have plenty of times seen certain clothes on someone or jewelry and wanted to know what that person got it. What about larger purchases like cars? Or even houses?

How about food? Take a pictures of a wrapper of a restaurant or a burger and have Google Goggles find the nearest burger stand. I would love to use this technologies for purchasing textbooks or music.

I can’t wait for this to become big and neither can others, like AdWeek. Read their opinion here.