What brand, if you absolutely had to, would you get tattooed on your body? This is purely curious question and one that I oddly enough ask often. Having only one tatt myself (it’s a family tattoo with the work Euskadi and the Basque lauburu on it) but I am truly interested in people’s responses.

I am often the leader and sparker of conversation at restaurants with friends. Most common thing I do is ask a very vague yer intriguing question that could have many options or answers. My most popular game in a highly decorated restaurant is to ask my party to look around at the artwork, then each person must choose one piece they would get tattooed on their body (sometimes original size comes into play) and why? The answers are wonderful.

But really, what brand are you that loyal to? I know plenty of college age kids with an “O” insignia on them somewhere. Who wouldn’t after an undefeated season and a berth in the BCS championship, but they that “O” is definitely a brand. I know bikers with the Harley on them, Oregonians with the state outline, and plenty of older ladies with Tweety Bird on their ankles. All of these show loyalty to a brand beyond just purchasing power. Know anyone with a Wal-Mart tatt? How about BP?

Brand Karma comes into play in this big game of tatts too. I guess it all comes back to how you create your brand, which is directly related to your brands core values. To truly build a following, enough of one to have people permanently brand themselves with your brand, you need to be creative. You need to be bold. And of course, “don’t be an asshole.”