It’s official, my names on the internet. More than, just on the internet I should say…I have a website! Granted, depending on the my domain changing skills and depending on my ability to trouble shoot computer problems if you go to juliebasque.com right now you will get a little something I like to call a portfolio website.

Not that I don’t doubt myself (even though in the technological arena is probably the biggest area of doubts) try just going here to find my lovely webpage. You may read in the url that it says juliebasque.moonfruit.com/, which isn’t fully my domain name but hey, until I can figure out how to make GoDaddy.com like me or make their domain placer easier, this is what I have to settle for.

I aimed to make my website crisp, clean, and clear. If you haven’t noticed here is a fun face, I enjoy using alliteration too much. I wanted to include little pieces of my personality in my site and have my manifesto present a little window into my background. I felt that my up-bringing directly contributes to the way I think and how I view strategy. I am teetering on the colors of my webpage, some say it is “too dull” for my personality, but I actually like the little hint of green here and there, surprising the viewer.

One of the biggest things I worked on for my site was updating and designing my resume. After going through so many valid experiences in the past 6 months, I felt that my resume needed to represent my new focus. Designing was another hurdle since it too isn’t my forte, but using Adobe programs for my advantage definitely helped.

I realize that this page will be constantly evolving, improving, and adding being that will never be done, but with Creative Strategist coming to an end I can safely say I am off to an explosive start.