Colors. So inspirational, so communicative, so captivating. I am a sucker for color and this video tops my charts for the best use of clothing colors.

The cinematography is gripping at first, paired with perfectly matched music, this video seems more like a music video than an ad. The slow motion of each character really adds flavor and professionalism to the video, as well as matching the name colors with the color the “mature” models are wearing. I wish my grandparents, let alone my parents, dressed like these trendy Sicilians. Sassy and vibrant, each is portraying their own personalities through their clothes.

I guess it is fitting (no pun intended) that the video was for a new shopping mall (or village as they call it in Italy) in Sicily, but their choice of conveying such beauty in their clothes was really wonderful. These days there are way too many too skinny, too pretty model parading around selling clothes that look nothing like what they are wearing one your own body. Perhaps I am just relived that this ad still showed style while also choosing classy models. What a new idea! Even though the Sicilia Fashion Village sells to all sorts of ages, they are using a certain demographic in their commercial that can really inspire all ages.

Granted, not anytime soon will I be wearing items from my grandmother’s closet, but hey those “mature” models were rocking some items I would love to have! Even the men looked über dapper and I kinda wish more of the fellas my age had the same style.

Colors, they can do wonders both in the ad world and real world.