Steven Johnson really gets to the root of creativity in his novel Where Good Ideas Come From. What really is magical is Johnson’s video interpretation of his book. While creating a lovely illustration, the viewer can listens to Johnson’s great advice like combining thoughts with others, or letting ideas mature and build.

The greatest point I think Johnson makes during this captivating video is that the Internet has really only boosted ideas and creativity. Now it is much easier to view other’s ideas, combine them with your own, and create something absolutely new and wonderful. To say it sweet, you create a good idea.

I think that too often people fear the Internet, its vastness, its overwhelming power. But really, the Ad industry and all industries out there should look at it just like Johnson proposed. This platform allows unlimited collaboration and possibilities, embrace it as such.

I have not read Johnson’s novel yet, but this video has definitely spiked my interest in it. Once again, the Internet, Twitter (where I followed a link to the video), and YouTube combine to create a collaboration between Johnson’s and my own ideas. Imagine sharing this video (let alone creating it before Y2K?

Seriously, thinking back to life without Internet severely scares me.