Wow, sorry for taking that term off. Luckily, even though I have been neglecting my lovely readers here, I’ve been tweeting my arse off! If you didn’t catch my witty commentary there, quick, follow me @JulesBasque like @Top_Cars_ and @Queezy28 since these are obviously two things I’m really related to…like sarcasm.

Anywho, here’s an update on the last 3 months and the coolest things I’ve found/done since then:

Talk UO was accepted to present at the NACADA Region 8 Conference in Calgary, AB, Canada. We presented this lovely student-run video archival project in the beginning of March, when Calgary was a blazing 5 degrees fahrenheit. Luckily, the cold didn’t wear myself or fellow presenter, Nicole Perkins, down and we got rave reviews and were even rewarded “Honorable Mention” for 3rd place for best presentation. The trip was woot and I can’t thank the SOJC, Sally Garner, Deb Morrison, Tim Gleason, and everyone on the Talk team and who has done a Talk interview. It was a great learning experience and great exposure to see where Talk can go.

I read Sally Hogshead‘s “Fascinate” and was truly intrigued about using her 7 triggers of fascination not only in advertising my also just in my daily life. No connection yet, but maybe more practice is due to make “lust” really work.

Discovered my love for Yann Tiersen and have attempted more practice on my baby accordion Jezebel. All I have to say is that I can definitely make a sound.

I was lucky enough to present Talk to two very big industry: Edward Boches of Mullen and Ed Cotton of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. Both had great insights from different agency backgrounds. Boches focused more the creative side and collaboration through innovation, while Cotton sparked the discussion on how to make the creative brief better with education reform and planner creativity.

Jeopardy baffled me with their IBM supercomputermachine, Watson and his Final Jeopardy mistake.

Podcasts became a new obsession, especially My Favorite Stranger by Ahm and Craig. These podcasts brighten each day I have the chance to listen to them, and these two hosts’ tweets are even more often funny blurbs.

Throughout the term, I also worked my ass off for UO’s Ad Team. We are creating a new campaign for the AAF’s National Competition and the nights of collaboration in Ballmer Lab have been some of the best, most memorable things about college. Media MonSTARS for life!

So, that’s basically it. My term via important tweets and other musings I found on my Twitter to remind me of what I have actually done. Enjoy and hopefully the next post won’t be 3 months from now.

Actually, I can promise that.