As my senior year at the University of Oregon began, I knew it would be a year full of research, meetings, those things called classes and of course making things. Now this idea of “making things” could be embodied through the #UOcreativestrat mentality of #buildshit, but more importantly what making things means to me is actually working on producing a final product.

I have mulled over the various areas I want to focus on within the world of advertising, but I think the biggest eye opener was during my weeklong shadow program at Duncan/Channon in San Francisco. I was fortunate enough to follow a person from each department and the last day I was with the production department. As a student, you have every opportunity to research, plan, talkwith a client, design and place work within the media. You can do everything, basically, that an agency does except the actual production work. Because of this, I learned the most during that day in the production department. From that one day, I have been curious on how to gain production experience and the best way to do so is to make things. Find other student work and help create them in real life, outside of the computer and on a wall or a coaster. Making things can be appropriate even on a student scale, but the best way to really make things is through a group.

Talk is a project within Allen Hall Advertising, the student-run advertising agency, that I have been a part of for the past two years. In a sentence, craftily written this year by our team, Talk is an archival project that interviews student, staff, and faculty of the University of Oregon that aims to gain an essence of the campus community. This year, our team’s number one goal is to gain awareness around campus. One way that we are planning on doing that is promoting the project during the university’s recruitment of new students.

After talking with our connections within the School of Journalism and Communication, we were offered the opportunity to present a video during the SOJC’s section. Granted, we were present with this opportunity 8 days before one of the largest perspective students programs titled Duck Preview was scheduled to happen. With a quick deadline in mind, our team set to action filming and voice recording. Our focus was to make perspective students realizes that many different types of people make up the UO, and each person is an individual but as a whole, they are the campus community. My fellow co-director Kelsey Wilkins was an editing wizard and we were able to make our deadline.

The video is something our team, Allen Hall Advertising, the SOJC, and the UO can be proud of. Oh, and Talk is pretty happy with the video too.