Ikea. Oh that big store of creativity, desire, and the perfectly matching living room sets was rapidly expanding in Australia. Because of this expansion they needed more employees. Instead of spending oodles of money and blasting all over, they inserted “Career Instructions” into many of their flat boxed furniture. This in turn caused the very people who already love the brand to deliver the message to themselves. Not to mention, spread the word to family and friends. In the end, as you can see form the video, Ikea spent no money on media advertising and garnered enough deciaded employees for their newest store.


Ikea advertising, which I have been a long fan of, seems to continually turn out outstanding commercials that correctly match the tone of their brand. Who could forget the adorable cat frenzy commercial? Even in this Career Instructions example the layout of the career opportunity is set up just like instructions for Ikea’s famous assemble-it-yourself furniture. Also, I love the name, Career Instructions, keeping their tone right on target.

Yet what I think is the most amazing thing about this campaign for new employees, the message was delivered directly to the consumer of only Ikea products, by the consumers themselves. Try to imagine any other type of media, new or otherwise, and see if the delivery of such media 1) doesn’t cost the brand any media money and 2) that only targets specific consumers of that brand? Ikea gained valuable employees that were dedicated to the brand and opened up a completely new media channel.

Could other brands use this same model? I wonder if it could be used for other things besides employee recruitment? Or, what other brand could fashion such a perfectly crafted campaign that combines all of the brand’s essence, dyi assembly and tonality, that fits just right for Ikea.