Ira Glass, he can do no wrong in my eyes. I’ve been an avid listener and follower of my favorite radio host for a majority of my adult years. I discovered This American Life 3 years ago, I religious listen to the shows each week and view them as a highlight of my week. I find it is the only time in my entire week where I’m not in front of a screen. I’m relaxed and my attention is devoted fully to each story.

That is why, when I stumbled across this video, I knew it would be good. I just ask that you watch this video and listen intensely because it holds many truths.

Storytelling is important in many careers/hobbies/lifestyles, but I’ve always been taught that storytelling is the heart of advertising. Most ads that we see daily are crap, filled with worthless, unemotional plots that resemble nothing like telling a story. Because of this, I take what Ira is saying as a call to action.

To be able to create great work that matches your taste you must be constantly creating work. Create a volume of things, set deadlines to keep yourself on track and also push yourself harder.

It’s tough, but like Ira said, “you just have to fight through it.”