Gratitude, that’s all that is flowing out of me after a week in New York City with 60 other advertising students from the University of Oregon. How lucky are we to visit New York during Creative Week? How lucky are we to visit agencies and get to ask real questions, learning about the industry all of us will soon be entering? How truly luck am I to eat Magnolia cupcakes several times in one week? But in all seriousness, it’s hard to look back at a week filled with so much learning, activity, traveling, insights, and overall overwhelming excitement and overlook the generosity offered to me as a student.

We visited agencies, at least two a day, soaking in all of the culture, process, and differences each agency had. The agencies ranged from the lean and flat like Big Spaceship and Code and Theory to the legacy leaders like JWT and Ogilvy. It’s rare to experience and taste so many different agencies, let alone network and meet with the crafty characters behind each agency. Instead of being intimidated of the New Yorkness of these agencies, the Ducks were welcomed and definitely showed our smarts. I know myself and others were definitely inspired by agencies to keep crating, to find a place were you can truly be yourself, which made us grow closer as a group. I spent the evenings with a different group of people each night. Exploring the city, visiting landmarks, going to comedy clubs, eating huge sandwiches from Kat’s, and absorbing all of the awesomeness that is NYC.

There were some kids I had seen from the halls of Agate, but upon returning, we have been bonded in what will always be that one crazy week known as #UONYC12. Check out the hashtag and see all of the other wonderful travel mates I had. As I was leaving New York, I was sad to leave, but knew that it wouldn’t be long before I returned. And from what I’ve heard, plenty other Ducks plan on flying back soon.

Which means really one thing: yay, more Magnolia cupcakes!