“Hi, what’s your name?”


“Oh, hi Julia right this way.”

Quietly controlling my slight rage, I answer obediently and follow this “adult type” person toward the whatever they are directing me. For the billionth time I responde and nod and just deal with the fact that for some reason people cannot accept that my given name is Julie. Not Julia, just Julie.

This improper name-calling doesn’t come from the said “adult types” though, it has slowly tormented me through out my life and sneaks into common day conversation with fellow collegiate peeps. The most common excuse I hear (only from those I get to know enough that I give a good tongue lashing to) is that Julie is a “commonly” known nickname of Julia. But guess what: IT IS ALSO A NAME ON ITS OWN! Why is it that literally substituting the letter “e” for the letter “a” is an appropriate nickname. This is not shortening because guess what, both of those names are count out to be whopping 5 big letters.

Now don’t get me wrong, I hold no grudges against any Julias, infact I know quite a few that are wonderful human beings. Yet none of these lovely ladies go by Julie, so I believe this scandal of atomatically referring to as such is obvisiously completely wrong. I just wish I got the same respect for my name as those out there with the name Julia get.

Besides, who initially calls some imediately by their nickname unless introduced as such? If I meet a Timothy and he introduces himself as Timothy, I’m not going to sell him short and call out just Tim. Or all those Johns out there, I know your full name is Jonathan or some spelling derviative, but introduced yourself as your nickname or full, that’s what you are going under in my cell phone contacts.

Now this lovely little rant was just to explain my title.  Thoroughly explained, now you know. This blog will be used primarily as a canvas of ideas, thoughts, fears, and my attempts to go big in the area of creativity.

My insights on the advertising world and creative little tid bits can be seen here, but firstly let me know if you feel my pain. If you or anyone you know has ever suffered from wrong name calling, please leave your stories of initial annoyance and later awkwardness from attempts to correct such wrong name-callers below. Together, we can correct all that is wrong in the name world.

Keeping it sassy,