Volkswagen has a long history of advertising genius. Going way back Doyle, Dane, Bernbach‘s “Think Small” campaign of 1959, VW has been innovative and hasn’t looked back. But what really appeals to me is their constant sense of brand identity. For over 50 years, VW has used innovative, smart, and very creative ads. Nothing else. Doing anything mundane would hurt the VW brand, severely, and they know it.

Below is a captivating VW ad that is gripping and captivating, aesthetically and emotionally. I find this so creative, and yet so simple for VW to play on the guardian angel theme. Wonderfully produced in Rio de Janeiro by BBD London, the spot aired in Brazil and won James Radford a BTA for “Best Original Music” for the VW Polo ad.

Commercials are great and an excellent way to show a brand, but sometimes I find print advertisements a bit more intriguing. How will you get a consumer stop and actually soak in you print ad? Here is where the expertise actually lies, and this is where my favorite VW ads pop up.

The following print ads are playing off of the packaging aspect of common day things, but replacing the regular packaging for say eggs, instead there is a VW truck. Genius and crafty, each ad makes me chuckle and examine.

These ads were also produced in Brazil, in Sao Paulo by ALAMPBBDO. This campaign won a Silver Press Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2008.

To find more great Volkswagen ads, explore television ads here and some more print ads here.

Congrats to VW for keeping their brand identity and voice, through no matter what agency and no matter what era.